Career Mentor

Career Mentor was founded by young women entrepreneurs based in Dubai/Europe, UAE, and was inspired by the SheLeads program of Creative Zone, Dubai. Our founder wanted to give a new look to career mentorship for career selection and progress in this new, highly digitized era. Our aim is to guide students, early career seekers, and mid-career professionals to make sound career selections, steady career advancements, and progress to the next levels in their professional lives.

Professionals in early or mid-career stages can benefit from our expert knowledge and mentorship to make progress in their professional lives. Additionally, entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses but who are stagnating in their careers will benefit from our business mentorship program, drawing from well-established experts and professionals in various fields.

Talent Brigade

Talent Brigade is a High tech recruitment company based in Madrid specialized in the search of talents, operating in the AI and high tech sectors, assessing and introducing candidates from around the world to clients, no matter where they are.

Talent Brigade offers headhunting services to help clients identify and engage outstanding talent, well established in their careers and normally not active in looking for new opportunities.

Optimizze Consulting

focused to education and employment, offering people employment and training opportunities worldwide. The main services offered by Optimizze consulting to accompagny the learners such as Business Soft Skills Training Programs, Leadership & Management Consulting, Corporate Communication, Business English Courses & Career Consulting services.

Specific Business English Courses: English for Recruitment Consultants English for Human Resources Professionals

Alba Consulting

Alba Consulting Alba Consulting provides consulting human resources services and industry insight to help organizations mitigate risks and perform in the dynamic and challenging environments in which they do business. Alba Consulting offers recruitment, staffing, and training services providing organizations the right workforce. Success to achieve across the trust of customers as making them business advisor. Alba consulting helps clients to increase profitability and lower their costs and ensure you receive maximum benefit by strategic analysis and build value through our customers’ satisfaction and by giving superior results.