Discover your roadmap, your way

Our strength is in helping our learners graduate make real, sustainable progress about their career choice in a safe, explorative environment.

Our career coaching is based on unlocking the young learners and fresh graduates to embrace an aviation career core by providing the professional tips, backstage behind the profession within operational skills by providing powerful, lasting self-awareness. This translates into confident career choices, secure that their path is based on their individual strengths and motivations.

Once you understand where you want to go, deciding which higher exams to take, applying for university courses, or taking that first step into the world of work are easier decisions to make. We provide a safe, creative environment for discussion and discovery under a form of coaching held by experts in the domain who will help to emerge you in the business aviation system.

Only when people are able to recognize in themselves the motivations and values that drive their true happiness, can we move forward with defining real options to explore. We work with your family to create a confident, actionable plan you can believe in.

Book a free session of 30 min to discover your need and get known of your profile to assign you the suitable coach who will accompany during 3 individual personalized session or per group in the form of masterclass to exchange with a community of learners and graduated pursuing a career in aviation to share your intelligence collective and interact in a technical and business problematic.

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