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The purpose of our Affiliate Partnership program within universities and peers is to create more direct links between locals and international educational ecosystem. We bring together emergent learners / graduates to support students in meeting their academic goals. With ours partners, together to develop realistic and workable plans to achieve our vision of success in higher education by providing soft skills and prepare you to the professional transition toward the future labor market.

MBH – Upskilling empower learners to improve in areas such as academic exchange, immersion professional workshops, business coaching goal-setting, and navigating the consulting office management experience.

Partnerships are based on shared interests by upskilling and re-skilling as well as common academic backgrounds and goals. In contrast to traditional mentoring programs, the fundamental idea is that peers come together on the same level and benefit from the partnership equally. The program is much more than a theory frame oriented operational skills. More importantly we hope that partners continuously seek to learn from each other’s culture, academic background, beliefs and life experiences.

Our ambition is to partner with educational organizations that share our values for projects both on global and national scales.

  • Partner with us for one of our Masterclass, workshops and get the opportunity to interact with our members, learners in person and the exposure to our blog base online
  • Contribute to the development of our learners and managing people by conducting a workshop/training
  • Collaborate with our Professional Development Team and post information about vacancies in your company to our learners seeking internships or conduct webinars for our community
  • Invite our learners to participate in the project mission in the Hackathon, immersion workshops.
  • Promote or test your offer with our members or provide special offers
  • Collaborate with us on assessing joint/double education programs at your institution and receive our recommendations
  • Request our support and recommendations on keeping in touch with alumni and/or the creation of an alumni network or association
  • Join in on one of our existing initiatives or suggest a new one

These are just a few examples of how we could collaborate. We employ an individual approach to every potential partner and invite you to get in touch with us at We will be happy to discuss how we could develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

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