About Us

MBH Upskilling is a learning hub with interactive microlearning workshops and career coaching designed to help you launch your career providing feedback through an expert learning experience that can boost performance and outcomes.

MBH Upskilling is developing learning by doing and adaptive learning solutions for learners and managers that enables client companies to take the development of their employees to the next level by targeting them as a real staff learning assistant.

Our digital learning solutions harness the latest advances in artificial intelligence and collaborative learning to deliver the smartest, social, and most connected learning experience.

We have a passion for the development of upskilling individuals. We are building more agile managing people and organizations. We promote the dissemination of a learning culture around the world.

Our basis is also the milestone on which we empower learning:
More upskilling people. Better future.

Our Mission

Make education accessible to everyone, everywhere. We believe that education is a basic human right. All people should be able to access an education that leads to the advancement of their careers and their earning power. This mission informs absolutely everything we do as a company. Passionately and persistently, we guide our students to success.



Break the mold. Reinvent learning constantly. Be guided by the digital landscape. Innovation is our bottom line.


Embrace the strength of the diversity of thought, culture, and opinion and make education accessible for everyone anywhere.


Do the right thing, promote inclusion and upskilling knowledge to lead a greater gap and opportunities to ensure your top talent is up-to-date on trends, new industry developments, and has access to the best technology